SMEIR uses dynamic, exercise-specific content development to produce a rich, scalable OE to support multiple SOF mission sets. This allows the training audience to conduct and assess:

  • Direct Action:

    Cyber reconnaissance, disruption, and exploitation to facilitate isolation of objectives prior to and during direct action operations; PAI collection and analysis illuminate post-mission effects.

  • Counterterrorism:

    SMEIR enables Special Operation Forces units to train to understand radicalization among populations and the digital social interactions and recruiting of threat actors.

  • Unconventional Warfare:

    Special Operation Forces use SMEIR to train on all seven phases of unconventional warfare, either over the horizon or on the ground to build and mobilize a resistance force in a denied area.

  • Foreign Internal Defense:

    SF, PSYOP, and CA elements use SMEIR to identify map, engage, and assess live and dynamic hostile, neutral, and friendly networks in support of FID training missions.

  • Psychological Operations:

    SMEIR provides PSYOP forces a platform to train on target audience analysis and interactive internet activities in a closed loop sandbox entirely isolated from live internet.

  • Civil Affairs:

    Civil Affairs soldiers use SMEIR to conduct assessments and measure effects of friendly, hostile, and environmental factors in the human domain prior to and during training missions.

  • Special Operations Intelligence:

    IDS trains SOF HUMINT soldiers to spot, assess, recruit, recontact, and task assets via clandestine communication in a secure digital training environment.

SMEIR has been used for training by U.S. Army Special Forces, Psychological Operations, and Civil Affairs units from the team through the battalion level at the Joint Readiness Training Center, National Training Center, Cybertropolis and on site at civilian locations hosting mission readiness exercises.