IDS International and Clear Outcomes are looking to help with the COVID-19 crisis any way we can. The following initiatives leverage our data and technology capabilities to measure the effectiveness of policies on behaviors, from washing hands to staying at home. Our data and analysis is made available to help decision makers improve the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our latest analysis can be found at the bottom of this page.

National Surveys

To better understand if our current behaviors and habits are assisting in flattening the curve, we have conducted two national surveys.

National Behavioral Survey #1 April 6 2020: Analysis

National Behavioral Survey #2 April 20 2020: Analysis

Ongoing Data Collection

We invite you to participate and take our short 5-minute COVID-19 Flattening the Curve Survey for the United States. Results will be shared with decision-makers.

What’s your COVID-19 Safety Score?

Our COVID-19 Safety Score Quiz, designed for social media distribution, has a dual purpose of collecting behavioral data and helping individuals find out how well they are protecting themselves from COVID-19. IDS and Clear Outcomes enlisted medical and public health experts to develop a rating system based on CDC and WHO guidelines for best practices. The quiz also invites optional participation in follow-up surveys to track correlations behaviors, testing, and infection. Take the Quiz:

In the Media

How Data About Americans’ Behavior Can Help Us to Safely Reopen the Economy, Rockefeller Foundation Blog

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