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From replicating real life social media environments that facilitate the enemy’s operations, to delivering nation state intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance of mission critical infrastructure, SMEIR prepares our nation’s military with multi-domain training and intelligence.


Today’s virtual training environments are segmented and simplistic, failing to adequately prepare warfighters and cyber operators for the complex challenges they will confront on the cyber battlefield. Using outdated and one-dimensional training, our armed forces are unable to outpace the operational tempo of the rapidly-evolving multi-domain battlefield. In this virtual arena, where new threats emerge each day, better tools are needed to anticipate and prepare for the risks of tomorrow.


Realistic and Scalable Training Environment

When even the most subtle input can influence every other facet of an operation, the one-dimensional training provided to our armed forces is not only outdated, it flat-out fails to equip them to outpace the operational tempo of the rapidly-evolving multi-domain battlefield. In the virtual arena, new threats emerge every day. IDS provides the tools for warfighters and cyber operators not just to prepare for them, but to anticipate the risks and to be ready for them when they arrive.

Social Media Environment and Internet Replication (SMEIR™), a product of IDS International, is a digital training solution that provides a full-range, free-play, immersive, realistic and scalable operational practice environment in which warfighters simultaneously train on full-spectrum cyberspace operations and social media analytics during integrated and multi-dimensional exercises.

Our Approach

In the SMEIR system, content is flexible and customizable, covering everything from social media analysis and engagement to network mapping. Before each training exercise, commanders provide SMEIR experts with their operational problem set to tailor SMEIR to the appropriate force-on-force scenarios. Subject matter experts (SMEs) lead each training exercise and provide real-time feedback for every client operator. Once the exercises are complete, SMEIR SMEs perform after-action reviews and provide additional recommendations to bolster operational readiness. SMEIR is the only solution of its kind that combines information operations and a fully integrated cyber range into one virtual training platform.

By replicating realistic internet environments within the security of a closed network, SMEIR delivers the ability to conduct unrestricted offensive and defensive cyber and information operation training with the entire gamut of tools and platforms the cyber operator will encounter and utilize in the real world and develops the agility they’ll need when encountering the new and suddenly emerging problems of the cyber battlefield.

Proven Performance

SMEIR is used at the Joint Readiness Training Center, National Training Center, Cybertropolis, and at civilian locations hosting mission readiness exercises. U.S. Army Special Forces, psychological operations, and civil affairs units, from team to battalion levels, have all used SMEIR to meet their training needs.