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Access Control

is a Key Health Safety Tool

Haven360 is an integrated and customized access control solution combining testing, data, sensors, biometrics, advanced computing, and leading public health practices.


Based On Real Science

IDS HealthQ provides an integrated solution, restarting operations and preventing future infections. Customizable for customer specific operations.

Testing and Validation

IDS provides multiple medically approved testing options, validation of employee/customer provided testing results, and training for accurate customer provided testing.

Sensors and Biometrics

Customized, integrated entry control synchs with customer operations. Touchless remote operation options with biometrics, data capture, and symptomology. ID validation, symptom detection, and disinfectant measures incorporated. Seamless integration with existing infrastructure, ticketing, onboarding, and access control process.

Data and Processes

Integrated and automated identification, validation, and tracing. ID tracking pre-clearance, entry, and onward status; privacy ensured. Customer legacy ID, ticketing, and credentialing systems. Identification, location, notification and tracking of exposed people.

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