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Don’t just take it from us; see what our clients and partners are saying.

Training Testimonials

"I greatly appreciated all of the time you spent working on the quality products that will train our staff. I am far more confident in the training value we are now going to get out of this exercise, thanks largely to your invaluable contribution. I read through the demarche also, which was not only very educational but also a great product that will further enhance our scenario."

Capt Amaury V. Gallais, 1st Civil Affairs Group

"The best part of the training at NTC was the engagement with the IDS SMEs. Their expertise, insights, and support made truly made our deployment to NTC worthwhile."

MAJ Brian Connolly, Special Operations Command And Control Element Commander, 7th Special Forces Group, Eglin AFB, Florida


All products IDS provides are of "top quality" IDS is consistently very responsive and effectively meets the multiple changes in the government's requirements supporting the JIIM effort at JRTC.”

Fred Pickens, US Army JRTC Site Lead

“The National Training Center wishes to express our sincere appreciation for IDS’s support to our soldiers during the highly complex Joint Forced Entry Operations Exercise. IDS’s support was instrumental in ensuring the success of this event. I am proud to recognize IDS’s ongoing dedication to mission.”

Major Gen. Joseph M. Martin, Commanding General National Training Center

Cyber and Social Media Testimonials

"IDS always meets mission, even when there are changes and-or customer requests. Of note is the incorporation of Social Media with the JRTC rotational unit. This has been superb and has solicited great comments from Senior Army leadership."

Fred Pickens, US Army JRTC Site Lead

“Our digital natives get it. They see the power, they see the potential. We must have cyber capability at echelon.”

Gen. Robert B. Abrams, USA, Commander, U.S. Army Forces Command Praising IDS' Work And The Abilities Of Young Army Personnel In Dealing With Cyber At The Tactical Level After Seeing A BCT In Action During Cyber Pilots At Combat Training Centers

Expeditionary Support Services Testimonials

"Given the extent of the damage we’ve seen in the photos you sent this morning, for the site to be back up on-line this quickly is nothing short of amazing. Please pass my thanks and a very well done to all your staff at IDS who were a part of restoring a critical system to mission readiness at Camp Commando after such an event. Very Impressive.”

Jon Allen, USACE COR

"As this is an extremely fluid requirement in a contingency environment, IDS continues to constantly adjust to demanding changes to contract requirements and responds timely to requests for pricing and assessments often with short notice. Nearing the end of performance of this Task Order, CSTC-A had an urgent requirement to add Afghan Security Special Forces' (ASFF) sites to the O&M contract. IDS was tasked to perform assessments on approximately 20 new ANA sites, 3 of which included increased levels of effort at existing sites. With just over 60 days left in the option year, IDS was given direction to perform these assessment(s) and provide ROMS so that the customer could make a determination on what sites and level of services at each site to add. Having these sites operational and maintained is vital in supporting the ASFF end strength to double in the next three years. IDS was extremely responsive to this request which included at least 4 iterations of changes to scope and number of sites. As a result, a new task order was negotiated and 14 new sites, along with increased scope at 3 existing sites, were added to the ANA O&M effort.”

DeEtra Warchola, Project Manager

Research and International Development Testimonials

“The contractor's coordination between itself; USAID and the other MSP contractors was very effective. The contractor was responsive to the TOCOR and technical offices COR/AOR comments and questions at all times.”

Ousmane Faye, Contracting Officer, USAID, Mission Support Program