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Contract Vehicles

IDS works across the globe, including conflict zones. Innovative and entrepreneurial, we support a wide variety of agencies and clients, delivering quality, multidisciplinary solutions to the world’s most complex problems. Our services can be accessed via the following schedules and contract vehicles.

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Professional Services Schedule

IDS’s range of services include training, cyber and social media training, logistics training, and deployment logistics. Our team of ready to deploy professionals in the training and logistics fields are accessible via the Professional Services Schedule (PSS) vehicle, specifically for the following areas.


IDS is one of the U.S. military’s leading training partners in interagency and whole-of-government approaches to disaster response, humanitarian assistance and protection, stability operations and reconstruction. Our curriculum is informed by the collective experience of our seasoned trainers -professionals who possess recent Department of Defense (DOD) Department of State (DOS), US Agency of International Development (USAID), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), U.S. military, United Nations (UN), non-governmental (NGOs), or other experience in conflict or disaster zones. IDS’ trainers provide support to and mentor military and civilian leaders and their staffs on interagency principles, capabilities, and objectives. Our personnel contribute to training doctrine development and shape the content of exercises such as the Decision Action Training Environment (DATE) scenario. Furthermore, IDS provides Special Operations Forces (SOF) training to our nation’s most elite warfighters, such as Special Forces (SF), Civil Affairs (CA), Psychological Operations (PSYOP), and Rangers. Our SMEs are veteran soldiers whose backgrounds include the requisite SF, CA, PSYOP, CIA, JSOC, and military intelligence experience necessary to bring strategic aspects and expertise to SOF training.

Cyber & Social Media Training

IDS Social Media SMEs and Digital Teams build and manage websites, blogs, and social media, networks, trends, and posts that replicate an immersive real-world Internet at the Brigade Combat Team (BCT) and Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) levels. Our SMEs provide highly specialized and operationally relevant digital simulations of operating within the complex, non-traditional capabilities and requirements of the digital domain. Our teams are responsible for building content, managing curriculums, and developing scenarios and scripts for digital engagement at the BCT, ARCYBER, and Special Operations Task Force (SOTF) levels. We build and manage a robust custom environment of real-time Decisive Action (DA) injects, websites, bios, cyber TTPs, tweets, pictures, videos, propaganda, and digital network traffic. These include replications of regional hostile groups, “host”-nation governments, political activities and parties, interest blogs, international news, Internet radio, the U.S. State Department, USAID, and International Organizations and NGOs. Through these exercises, IDS prepares our nation’s military with multi-domain training and knowledge.

Logistics Training Services

IDS’s Logistics Training Services provide customers with trained and equipped supply chain and warehouse clerks, logisticians, contracts professionals, and quality assurance technicians, as well as repair and maintenance technicians capable of managing and maintaining critical infrastructure and facilities at peak efficiencies. Training on value-chain operating procedures includes supply chain management for all supplies, fuels, lubricants, chemicals, etc. needed to perform O&M functions as well as instruction on proper transport, distribution, and warehousing of such supplies. Training addresses every aspect of the day-to-day activities needed to ensure buildings and installed systems perform their intended functions, including operating schedule development that provides for normal checks, as well as service and maintenance performed before, during, and after operation in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.

Deployment Logistics Services

IDS offers a Deployment Logistics Services capability that supports operational readiness and sustainment worldwide. We provide extensive first-hand experience and proven methodologies to implement cost efficient and effective engineering, logistics, base operations support, and construction services. Our highly skilled staff is comprised of logistics experts, experienced in contingency planning; identifying/utilizing regional or global resources; integrating public/private sector resources; inventory/property planning, movement, storage; end-to-end industrial relocation/expansion services, including project/asset/construction management; space planning and project integration and implementation; pre-positioning assets, facilitating customs processing/accountability; and deploying communications and logistics systems to permit rapid deployment and management of supplies and equipment.

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Responsive Strategic Sourcing for Services (RS3)

Via the Responsive Strategic Sources for Services (RS3), IDS provides Army Contracting Command-Aberdeen Proving Ground customers, other Program Executive Offices, other Department of Defense agencies, and other federal agencies with knowledge based support services for requirements with Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) related needs.

Technical support areas and services provided by IDS via RS3 include:

  • Engineering Services
  • Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) Services
  • Logistics Services
  • Acquisition and Strategic Planning Services
  • Education and Training Services

IDS’s prime contract number on this vehicle is: W15P7T-19-D-0054.

Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)

Under the GSA MAS contract, IDS is able to provide a wide variety of facilities maintenance and management services including base operation support services, operations and maintenance, building maintenance and repair, etc. IDS’s Complete Facilities Maintenance and Management Services include management operations, labor, materials, supplies, tools, equipment, spare parts, logistics, security, transportation, contractor life support, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, operations and maintenance (O&M), and repairs. IDS has executed performance-based O&M programs to maintain critical facilities, buildings, and installed systems (including ancillary equipment and infrastructure) that delivers sustainable services to building occupants and achieved the buildings intended purpose. IDS’s O&M services provide for life sustaining facilities including power generation and electrical distribution infrastructure, wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, building systems, and heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) systems.

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Other Transaction Authority (OTA)

Other Transaction Authorities (OTA) are streamlined purchasing vehicles that bring IDS’s innovative portfolio of offerings, quickly and easily, to the Federal Government. OTAs enable hyper-streamlined access to IDS’s comprehensive cyber and social media training environment, Social Media Environment and Internet Replication (SMEIR). IDS has extensive experience in OTA collaboration and management, ensuring rapid and flexible access to innovation in support of our warfighters.

IDS is a non-traditional government defense contractor, making us an ideal teaming partner for large, traditional government contractors.

Contact for more information on utilizing an OTA to procure SMEIR or any of our innovative services.