IDS International Announces CTTSO SITE Contract Award

Arlington, VA – August 27, 2019 (PRESS RELEASE)

IDS International has been selected to deliver Synthetic Internet for Training and Exercises (SITE) in support of the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO).

IDS’s proprietary cyberspace training environment, SMEIR, is a “sandbox” training capability that replicates key aspects of the Internet. The purpose of the Synthetic Internet for Training and Exercises (SITE) is threefold: (1) provide large-scale training exercise designers, planners and participants with the ability to realistically replicate the unique impacts of online publicly available information (PAI) and other social media into training scenarios; (2) to replicate an environment in which methodologies and tools for collecting and analyzing online information can be practiced and refined; and (3) to ensure online exercise activities do not impact the general public and remain strictly within the exercise environment.

Building on our established SMEIR training environment, IDS will create an agile, scalable, and technically proven SITE solution that provides a closed-loop system, with realistic functionality, that will significantly improve warfighter cyber training and exercises. SITE will be backed by IDS’s expertise designing and executing Internet replication for exercises, its high touch aspects—including user support and training—as well as, the iterative development-and-implementation process for tuning the system to meet the changing needs of training audiences and exercise control at the nation’s most advanced collective digital training environments.

“Digital warfare is more than attacking and defending networks; digital influence is increasingly critical to how we compete across the spectrum of warfare. The SITE program and our SMEIR technology enable realistic training and exercises in digital influence and digital warfare.” – Nick Dowling, IDS President and CEO.

SMEIR is the most advanced, comprehensive, and effective product for real world cyber and social media training. SMEIR provides a full-range, free-play, immersive, realistic and scalable operational practice environment in which warfighters simultaneously train on full-spectrum cyberspace operations and social media analytics during integrated and multi-dimensional exercises.

SMEIR has been used by US Army Special Operation Forces (SOF), Psychological Operations (PSYOP), and Civil Affairs (CA) units, from the team to the battalion level at the Joint Readiness Training Center, National Training Center, and at civilian locations hosting mission readiness exercises.

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