Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of ESS

Constance O’Brien is senior vice president and chief operating officer, Expeditionary Support Services (ESS), at IDS International. A results-driven strategic management executive, she has a proven record of driving cross-functional business initiatives, maximizing revenue and profitability, and implementing solutions-based strategies that support and enhance IDS and its work. As COO, O’Brien oversees operations, human resources, contracts, pricing, budgeting, business intelligence, corporate governance, and marketing.

Prior to joining IDS, O’Brien worked for KIRA—a federal construction and operations and maintenance contractor—serving in a progression of roles from 2005 to 2014, including as director of marketing and senior vice president (2009-2014). During her tenure at KIRA, O’Brien was involved in all aspects of the company’s work, including project site and headquarter operations, finance, audits, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, marketing, business development, and contracts. Her first role was as manager of special projects, during which time she led the development, growth, and operations of the owner’s venture capital portfolio. As senior vice president, O’Brien’s efforts enabled KIRA to grow 415% in three years, enter five new markets, and gain six key contracts, ensuring long-term organizational advancement and sustainability. She led the acquisition of seven firms and the integration and growth of eight venture capital companies. Later, as an executive management consultant, O’Brien prepared KIRA for acquisition by successfully directing strategic initiatives and restructuring operations across KIRA’s various divisions.

O’Brien has also delivered executive management solutions for Blue Ocean Enterprises, where she realigned corporate finance and business processes, and directed all financial and operational activities within the company’s largest division. She served as director of marketing and finance at Legendary Properties from 2001-2005 and marketing and finance manager at HD Telecom and RealGo from 1999-2001.

O’Brien has a Bachelor’s degree in finance and real estate and a Master’s degree in business administration, both from the Colorado State University. She is a member of the Association for Strategic Planning, the Society for Human Resources Management, the Institute for Management Accountants, the National Contract Management Association, Ellevate, and Finance Executives International. O’Brien sat on the board of the Colorado State University Alumni Association and is an alumni mentor for the University’s Institute for Entrepreneurship.