IDS was founded on bringing new models for whole-of-government interagency training to the Army and Marine Corps. When they needed to incorporate new operational challenges to their exercises, they turned to IDS. When Special Operations Forces and USAID developed the village stability operation concept, they called on IDS to institute the training at JRTC. When MCTP was tasked with standing up a mission rehearsal exercise for the Ebola mission in Africa, they chose IDS for training.

When the National Training Center developed non-combatant evacuation training of State Department U.S. Embassy personnel, IDS delivered. When electronic warfare returned to the Army at the National Training Center, IDS was tasked with performing that function until the green suiters added the tabs, badges and qualifications to take over, leading, in turn, to the genesis of SMEIR, IDS’s proprietary replicated social media environment.

Valuing our work, warfighters asked us to bring those capabilities overseas, so IDS established an expeditionary services division. Research and development work rapidly expanded into engineering, facility services and a host of innovative capabilities and the support those brought to the military and civilian agencies down range.