What We Do


IDS International has been the U.S. military's leading training partner in interagency and whole-of-government approaches to disaster response, humanitarian assistance, stability operations and reconstruction. Our curriculum is informed by the collective experience of our seasoned trainers - professionals with recent State Department, USAID, CIA, U.S. military, UN, non-governmental or other experience in conflict or disaster zones. 

Expeditionary Services

High-stakes missions in complex environments have a greater chance of success when augmented by relevant subject matter experts. IDS International can quickly deploy SMEs with the precise skills and expertise required in support of a range of operations. Our familiarity with austere, challenging environments and strong understanding of the U.S. military allow us to deliver civil-military mission support and enhanced situational awareness to deployed units. 


IDS International’s social science field research provides the USG with a richer, more informed and up-to-date picture of populations in areas of operation around the world. From on-the-ground data collection in austere environments to comprehensive big-data analytics, our teams of monitoring and evaluation specialists enable decision makers to remain adaptive in complex operational environments.  

Cyber & Social Media

IDS International has developed a scenario-based capability that provides social media inputs and open-source replication to help training units better understand the virtual human domain and its relevance to planning and operations. IDS International has also developed a civil considerations analysis methodology to help operators better understand population groups' interests, objectives, capabilities and likely impact on operations.

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