Noah Melgar

Noah Melgar is Director of Cyber and Social media at IDS International, where he brings more than fourteen years of national security experience in the Department of Defense and defense industry. In 2013, Melgar created a social media training and exercise support program designed to help the U.S. Government leverage the ever-expanding world of social media analytics. Melgar is an industry leader in building cognitive Big Data intelligence tools, writing cutting-edge cyberspace training curriculum, and creating realistic replicated internet environments for training purposes.
Melgar’s initial work grew into its own division and is now one of the four core pillars at IDS. IDS's Cyber and Social Media Division offers a range of capabilities that bridge the nexus of social media analytics and other internet data to the role of cyber operations and understanding and mitigating cyber threats. IDS leveraged its role as the exclusive provider of social media and internet environment replication at the Army’s Combat Training Centers (CTCs) to offer a suite of capabilities that assist clients in the public and private sector to understand, engage, and exploit the world outside of Department of Defense Information Networks (DODIN).